6 Solar Energy Devices For Offgrid Living


What would happen to you if you had to live offgrid?  Would you be in a panic when the batteries in your flashlight and radio died, or would you have solar energy devices to provide you with all the electricity […]

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6 Reasons Why People Won’t Start Prepping


People who are actually prepared for a disaster are few and far in between. Surveys taken indicate that only 10% of those surveyed are prepared.  Most people aren’t even prepared for a minor disruption let alone a major disaster. History […]

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8 Reasons to Start Prepping Now

prepping supplies

In our society, preppers are generally regarded as paranoid or even crazy. The truth is that preppers are among the most responsible of people. They’re constantly looking ahead to potential emergencies or disasters and preparing accordingly. Perhaps you’re someone who […]

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The Practical Prepper: Not Prepping For SHTF

In previous posts,  I have wrote about the frugal prepper.  Obtaining prepping supplies does not have to cost a fortune.  In this post I would like to talk about the practical prepper.  The practical prepper doesn’t really know whether he […]

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The Frugal Prepper: 7 Prepping Supplies to Buy Under 100 Dollars

preppers list

You want to be more prepared, but unfortunately prepping isn’t free. Purchasing prepping supplies doesn’t need to break the bank. You just need an intelligent easy to follow guide to prepping on a budget. For the frugal prepper, If money […]

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