6 Solar Energy Devices For Offgrid Living


What would happen to you if you had to live offgrid?  Would you be in a panic when the batteries in your flashlight and radio died, or would you have solar energy devices to provide you with all the electricity you need to run your devices until power is restored? For a very long time, solar panels and solar-powered devices were simply too expensive for the amount of power they generated. But over the past decade, solar technology has improved, becoming more efficient and less expensive. For a few hundred dollars, you can use solar power to light your home, cook your food, charge your devices, heat up your water, and more.

Solar power is completely renewable, and it’s everywhere. In this post, we will cover different products that are powered by solar energy and don’t require any electricity whatsoever. While these products can certainly be used in a survival situation or for general outdoor use such as camping and hiking, they can also be used in your everyday life as well. Eventually they will pay for themselves. If you would like to save some money as well, solar powered items are something you need to consider.

 Mini Portable Solar Oven

A portable solar oven is a great thing to have in a grid down situation. While you can certainly build a fire and roast food over that, the solar oven allows you to cook food without having to constantly attend to it. With enough sun, you should be able to cook anything you can think of . This is a great tool that is equally at home in an RV or camping trailer as it is in a survival kit or bug out bag. You can purchase one or make it it a DIY project. Here is one example using a pizza box.


Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns offer you different power methods: solar, cranking, plugging it into an AC adapter or a car adapter, or installing batteries. That means you have alternative options at night and on cloudy days. They come in different sizes depending upon the job you need them to do. Some are more energy efficient than others depending on what materials are used to construct the solar panels.

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Solar Powered LED Sensor Light

LED senor lights are very easy to install. And since they are solar powered, there is no need to plug in any wires. Instead, it will charge itself with the sun’s energy during the day to create over hours of non-stop light during the night. The devices are heatproof and waterproof and will hold up well in any environment. Total lifespan of the solar panels can be up to five years.

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Solar Backpack

You probably didn’t know solar backpacks even exist, but they do, and they are great for any outdoor excursion. Just like any other ordinary backpack, they come with more than enough pockets and compartments for storing gear, equipment, and personal documents. The real standout of these backpacks is the fact that they are solar powered. Thanks to this solar power, you can use these backpacks to charge a number of devices including mobile devices, GPS systems, and MP3 Players.


Solar Shower

Personal hygiene is very important in any survival or outdoor situation. Solar showers come in handy to take care of this problem. You simply fill it up with water through the opening, screw it shut, and leave it out in the sun for a few hours to heat up. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, simply tie it to a tree to take a shower. Some also include side pockets for storing shampoo and soap.

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Solar Powered LED Flashlight and Radio

These solar powered products combine two necessary survival products into one: a radio and a flashlight. The flashlight part has an LED light that can deliver over a hundred thousand hours of light during its lifetime. Meanwhile, the radio can be used to listen to emergency broadcasts. While you can power the internal battery for both the radio and the flashlight with a hand crank generator, you can also charge it by leaving it in the sun for a few hours.sun

If  the power grid ever goes offline, or you are in an area without electricity, or bugging out, these items will help you to stay safe and survive.

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