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The RDN Survival Gear website is intended to make industry leading survival gear available for you and your family at competitive prices along  with excellent customer service. If you need to prepare for 72 hours, 7 days, a month, or a year, we can help you meet that need.  We realize that many people today are not prepared. FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security recommend that you have at least a 3 (preferably 5-7) day supply of food and water as well as other emergency supplies to protect you and your family.


My Survival Secrets blog is intended to help educate and prepare you and your family for coming emergencies by supplying you with the knowledge you need to survive. Whether man made disasters, natural disasters, or finding yourself in a survival situation where you need outdoor skills to survive, the knowledge being compiled could make the difference between your being trapped and helpless, or surviving to tell your story.

fileIn 1998, we were living in Michigan.  A severe ice storm knocked out power for 8 days.  We were not prepared.  It was 10 degrees outside.  We had a well, so when the power went out, we had no water, heat, light, or way to cook our food.  We used a kerosene heater for warmth, carried water to drink from an artesian well (1/2 mile away from our home), and used candles for light, and ate cold canned food.  I vowed we would never get caught unprepared again!

Our mission is to help you and your family become more prepared by giving you access to quality survival and outdoor gear at competitive prices, providing educational material on emergency preparedness, and providing excellent customer service. We believe it is our responsibility to provide for and protect our families. We care about the well being of your family and want to help you do the same. We hope that by posting this survival content on our website that you will not get caught unprepared to survive as we did.

Expect the best, but prepare for the unexpected,

My Survival Secrets (Robert and Dena)