Bug Out Bag Essentials For Your Pet

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If  you are an animal lover, and have a dog or cat as a member of the family, make sure to have their bug out bags ready to go!  Just as for you and your family, make sure to pack at least a 3 day supply of food and water.  A  7 day supply would be better.  If your pet is on medication, pack some to make sure you will have access to it.   Flea and heartworm treatment should be included with the medication as well. Having basic first aid supplies to treat your pet in case of injury is something you want to include as well.

Microchip Your Pet

Even when your pet is with you, because of the stress and chaos, the chance of becoming separated  is greatly increased.  Make sure your pet has a collar labeled with your name, address and cell phone number.   You might want to include your pet’s name on it as well.  Make sure your pet is microchipped, this will greatly increase the chance of a reunion, if they become lost. It could also save your pets’ life.  Shelter workers will know someone is searching for the animal if it is injured or the shelter is overwhelmed.  Include documentation with the other articles you pack, such a vaccination records.


Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene articles could be included as well in your pet’s bug out bag.  A brush, shampoo, and toothbrush should be included among these items.  MilkBone Dog Biscuits might be an idea to include among these items. It would also be a good idea to take some small size garbage bags and a scooper to help clean up your pet’s waste.

Bonding Time

Things will calm down and you will be able to spend some quality time with this member of the family.  Be sure when this time arrives, that you have included with the other survival supplies some treats and some toys.  This time of interaction and bonding will be a fun time that will help relieve stress and bring about a normalcy that will bring comfort and encouragement.


Pet Bug Out Bag Essentials

Experts in the preparedness field, the Red Cross, suggests using an old suitcase or duffle bag to keep your pets’ survival supplies in. If you have a pet carrier, keep this with the other survival supplies.  You may have to bug out in a vehicle. The pet carrier would also be a good place to include bedding for your dog or cat. Here are the essential  things to keep in your pets’ bug out bag.

If you have a cat:

Bedding, litter box, litter, scoop, small garbage bags for disposing of waste, 7 day supply of food and water, medicine, collar with owner’s name and address and cell phone number, toys, treats, brush, proof of vaccinations, and  pet first aid kit


If you have a dog:

Leash and collar with owner’s name and address and cell phone number, waste disposal bags, toys, treats, medicine – include flea and heartworm treatment, proof of vaccinations, brush, bedding, pet first aid kit


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