Eight Bug Out Bag Essentials You Need

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You think that you have your bug out bag all packed and ready to go. But did you think to include these eight bug out bag essentials as well.  Whether you purchased a ready to go bug out bag or assembled one yourself, these additional items won’t cost too much more to add.  These eight items will be invaluable when you find yourself in an emergency situation. Most  people tend to forget or not think about including these items when assembling their bug out bags.  It will be too late to include them when you find yourself in a survival situation. Put them in your bug out bag now to avoid being caught in a survival situation without these eight essential items.


We’re all use to the convenience of debit and credit cards. However, if the power is out, ATMs are useless. You’ll need cash in small denominations if you need to purchase additional survival supplies.


Heavy Duty Trash Bags

After a disaster, heavy-duty trash bags are everyone’s best friend. Make sure you have a full box of the largest, thickest industrial-strength trash bags you can find. You can use them for everything from personal hygiene to debris clean up. You could even fill them with air and use them as a flotation device if needed.

Insect Repellent

Natural disasters often come with a lot of rain. Rain means a lot of flying insects. Keep a few cans of DEET-based repellent on hand.  Nothing is worse than getting ate up by pesky mosquitoes.  Also with the threat of West Nile  Virus and the Zika Virus, this could keep you from contracting these viruses.

Plastic Tarps

Whether you need to construct an emergency shelter for people or animals, or need to keep supplies dry or protect a damaged house, these are essential to have.


After a disaster it’s likely that you’ll be spending a good deal of time outside cleaning up at your home. Be sure you’ve a good supply of waterproof, high SPF sunscreen.  Skin cancer  is something we can prevent if we take the precautionary step of protecting our exposure to the sun. It doesn’t take too much effort to do and can make a big difference in the future.


Waterproof Shoes

Natural disasters tend to come with plenty of dirty water. Invest in a cheap pair of rubber boots. This will help to prevent you from contracting a disease. Also it will aid you in being as comfortable as possible in the situation you’re in.

Solar Cell Phone Charger

Cell phone batteries never seem to last long, and if you’re without the ability to charge yours, you may be off the grid even if cell phone service is operable. The peace of mind and security knowing that your cell phone is charged will definitely make this item worth packing.


Five Gallon Bucket

Five gallon buckets can be used for many things.  They can be used for a latrine, a stepping stool, to carry water, and for digging  in the ground.  It is not an expensive item, but it can prove to be invaluable when you need to have it.

There are  other items you could include in your bug out bag as well.  These eight bug out bag essentials are necessary and will not cost you much to include.  They will help you to be comfortable in a survival situation  and help prevent you  from becoming ill or contracting a virus.  Make sure you pack them in your bag today.

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