The Frugal Prepper: 7 Prepping Supplies to Buy Under 100 Dollars

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You want to be more prepared, but unfortunately prepping isn’t free. Purchasing prepping supplies doesn’t need to break the bank. You just need an intelligent easy to follow guide to prepping on a budget. For the frugal prepper, If money is a real issue, buy a little each month.  Start with water, food, and assembling or purchasing your own personalized bug out bag.  Every month do a little more.  The cost of not prepping is enormous . The ultimate price is the loss of a loved one.

Here is a preppers list of items you can start with for under $100.00.  These are suggestions. Determine according to your survival plan which prepping supplies you need the most and purchase them in that order.

Sample Some Survival Food For Free

Planning for food storage is at the top of any preppers list along with water storage. What is better than free?  Start out by trying some freeze dried survival food for free.  If you go to, you can get a sample serving of their freeze dried product. Each meal is individually packaged in mylar bags. Since the food is freeze dried and packaged in mylar, it can be stored for up to 25 years!

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Never Be Forced To Drink Dirty Contaminated Water

Water storage is high on the preppers list as well.  Without water you die.  You should have water stored(about 1/2 gallon a day per person).  You can store it in plastic bottles, jugs, and 55 gallon barrels.  You could also purchase a tub liner so you could fill your bathtub and use it for fresh water storage.

There is the real possibility that the water stored will not be enough or that you will have to bug out.  In that case you need a way to get fresh water wherever you may end up fleeing to.  A” life straw” costs around $20.00 dollars and enables you to drink water from virtually any source. It is lightweight and portable and inexpensive.  Bottles with built  in filtration are also a possibility.  They can be more expensive and  take up more space.


Have Ears to Know What’s Going On

Make sure you have a hand crank charged radio.What makes a hand crank radio so perfect is that it doesn’t depend on grid power electricity to work. Just crank it and it recharges itself. AM/FM reception will ensure you can get the latest information.  You can find out how long until help will come or what areas to avoid or areas to travel to get assistance.

Mayday Industries Little Dynamo is a small hand crank radio/flashlight you can get for under $20.00.

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Have Paracord With You At All Times

Paracord is an extremely undervalued preppers tool.  It can be used for many tasks.  It can be used for fishing line, a tourniquet, clothesline, and even to tie together a shelter you have built.  Currently survivalists wear paracord around their wrist.  That way it doesn’t take up space in their bug out bag.

Make sure it is 550 military grade paracord. You can get 100 feet for around $10.00 and 400 feet for around $25.00. Walmart is a good place to get some cheap.

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Keep Warm

When used properly a mylar blanket will keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions.  When you are wrapped in a mylar blanket, it will reflect your body heat and trap that heat. This trapped heat will warm you up using just your own body heat.   If you have one of these, your odds of freezing to death are significantly reduced.

They are lightweight, take up little space, and are inexpensive.  You can get them for around $3.00 dollars a piece.  In bulk, they cost under $1.00 dollar a piece.


  Preparedness Seeds

When our food system is compromised, you need to begin growing your own. Even better you should begin growing your own food today.  Growing your own food prevents exposure to GMO’s, it tastes better, and will save you money!  What’s the difference between preparedness seeds (heirloom) and regular seeds? Heirloom seeds grow  produce with seeds you can save for the next season. Regular seeds do not produce saveable seeds.  You will have an endless supply of seeds.

A number of companies produce preparedness seeds.  Guardian is one. You can get a variety of 16 vegetable seeds for around $55.00 dollars. They come packaged and ready for you to plant. It is enough seed to plant about 3/4 of an acre!  You can also purchase herbs, and fruit seeds.  You can harvest the seeds from the produce you grow and use them the next season.  A perpetual garden!

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Duct Tape

What frugal preppers list would be incomplete without duct tape.  Duct tape is famous for fixing everything.  It can be used to repair tools, repair shelter, or repair clothing.  It is watertproof and cheap!  The perfect addition to any preppers supplies.

You can purchase a small roll of duct tape for $1.00 dollar at Walmart.  For under $10.00 dollars, you can get several hundred feet.

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Prepping on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot of the critical items checked off your preppers list. It just means you need to be smart about your money.

I realize that for some even $100 dollars might take some time to save up and that’s totally fine. What’s more important is how far $100 dollars can go once you do get it. The frugal prepper  makes wise choices to make his dollars go  further.

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